EPA Race Car Ban – How It Affects Us

Intro You might have heard the words “EPA” and “ban” in the same sentence a lot the past few weeks. They are looking to implement a massive ban on racecars across America that could affect a ton of people. We did a little digging and we’re here to tell you all about the EPA racecar ban

How to Replace Lost Car Keys

Intro We all have that “pocket checking” routine. Check for your phone, wallet, keys, and gum. What about that heart-dropping feeling when the key pocket is empty? That’s when the immediate panic starts and you freak out. The good news is that a lost key doesn’t mean your car is useless. You can get a replacement

How to Fix a Broken Starter

Intro Nothing stops the fun quicker than a broken starter. Your car won’t start which means you’re not going anywhere. The good news is that you came to the right place – we have a few tricks that might help you get your car started momentarily. In this guide, we’ll explain what the starter is, what

Can Car Fuses Wear Out? Here Are the Facts

Intro There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the fuses in your car. For starters, did you even know that you have one or two dedicated fuse boxes hidden somewhere in your car? Fuses play a massively important role in your vehicle and they can save you a ton of money. In this guide,

20 Best Options for a First Car

Intro Shopping for the first car for someone is really daunting. You want them to have the best driving experience but you don’t want to scare them away from the world of cars and driving. If you want to find the best first car, you came to the right place. First, we’ll tell you exactly what

How Often Does a Car Need an Oil Change?

Intro Boy, doesn’t changing your oil feel like such a useless task? After all, you aren’t doing anything special that will hurt your oil while you drive, right? Actually, that’s not the case. Oil isn’t designed to last forever, and it can lead to a massive bill if you don’t routinely change it. In this piece,