Welcome to Motor Hills

Welcome to Motor Hills


Is Seafoam Good For Your Engine?

In an effort to extend the life of their vehicle, a lot of people turn to seafoam. They’ll add it…

Is The 2JZ Engine Reliable? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re not someone who digs into engine options, it might be confusing when people talk about what engine is…

How Much Does The Average Valve Adjustment Cost?

A piece of maintenance that people might not know about is called a valve adjustment. It entails changing the gaps…

Hyundai Elantra Sport vs Honda Civic Si: Pros & Cons of Both

If you’re shopping for a bargain sport compact car, the Elantra Sport and Civic Si should both be on your…

How To Fix a Bumper Gap On Your Car

Your car’s bumper and grill make up the face of your vehicle. When the bumper starts separating and a gap…

Is a Carbon Fiber Hood Worth It?

A carbon fiber hood is something that always grabs my attention. As a material, it’s one of the coolest inventions…
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