Me with a W123 Mercedes-Benz 300D

Hi, I’m Ernest, and welcome to my personal auto blog! I created this blog to help share all the interesting things about cars, resources, and tools I personally used to help save money when it comes to cars.

Over the years I’ve owned dozens of cars from all kinds of manufacturers. I’ve seen the good and the bad when it comes to certain years, makes, and models, and what to expect in terms of maintenance & reliability.

I’ve seen cars simply fail due to over-engineering and nothing to do with driver habits. Electrical and component failures happen far too often. The dealership would simply have you buy everything new, but there’s so much money being thrown away when you take that approach.

Finding the time to diagnose what’s wrong and how to fix it can be very time-consuming. I’ve compiled a list of tools and resources to help you fix your car. Click the link below to see the most recommended resources by me.