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Ford Aspire vs Honda Amaze: Complete Comparison

Honda Amaze vs Ford Aspire

Are you ready to be amazed and inspired? For our international readers, today we put together a comparison of the Ford Figo Aspire and the Honda Amaze.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about each of these cars and see an in-depth comparison as you keep reading. In the end, we’ll explain which of the cars is right for you.

All About the Honda Amaze

If you don’t recognize the name, don’t worry, you’re probably outside of the market. The Honda Amaze is sold in India, the Philippines, Nepal, and Thailand.

The car is a four-door sedan with a little motor in the front. The entry-level model comes with an inline 4 i-VTEC.

The interior is pretty sleek. There are some digital readouts, a clean dashboard, and some extra features for you to enjoy.

The exterior is classic and pretty attractive. The front looks a little stubby and compressed, but that’s by design. Since the engine is much smaller, there’s no need for an elongated nose.

Despite its low price, you can tell the designers had some fun putting this car together.

Honda Amaze

Introducing the Ford Aspire

In the opposite corner of the ring is the Ford Aspire. It’s sold in India, Mexico, South Africa, and some countries across the Middle East.

Although it sports a Ford badge on the front, the cars aren’t made in America. They are manufactured in Ford’s India division. Still, they follow the same practices and corporate mentality that American-made cars do, just at a lower price.

There’s an interesting safety feature built into every Aspire. If the crash is significant enough, the engine will drop out of the bottom of the car. This prevents a fire from starting.

You can grab this car in a 5-door hatch or a 4-door sedan. We’ll be talking about the latter in this match-up.

The engine is an inline 3 Ti-VCT.

The interior is honestly pretty upsetting. A lot of manual buttons and empty space appears on the center console.

The exterior’s performance is just as dull. The dopey front end of the car leaves a lot to be desired. The front of the car looks like the designer ran out of lead in his pencil as he was finishing the design.

Ford Aspire 2017
Ford Aspire

Complete Comparison of the Ford Aspire vs Honda Amaze

Now it’s time to take a look at these cars side-by-side. They’re both heavy lifters in their class, so you’ll notice that their specs are pretty comparable.

For reference, we’ll be comparing the Ford Figo Aspire 1.2P Titanium MP to the Honda Amaze E MT Petrol. The sub-model and trim level are very important since the higher-end Amaze costs nearly double what the entry-level version costs.


The Ford Figo Aspire costs about ₹7.27 Lakh (Just under $10,000 USD). The Amaze checks out at ₹6.17 Lakh ($8,450 USD).

The price difference is pretty significant between these two. The Amaze is 15% less expensive. That means if you’re looking to save some money and still get a vehicle, it might be the right option for you.

Verdict: Amaze wins.

Private Eco car, Honda Brio Amaze.
Honda Amaze


The engine size is nearly identical between these two cars. The Aspire has a 1499 CC engine and the Amaze has one that’s 1 CC smaller.

Verdict: It’s a tie.


It’s worth taking a look at the estimated Km/L of these cars and how far you can go on a single tank of gas. The Aspire has a Km/L of 24.4 (57.4mpg) and an estimated range of around 777 Km (483mi).

The Amaze runs around 21.0 Km/L (49.4mpg) and can last 650 Km (404mi). Unfortunately, it loses to the Aspire in both parts of this comparison.

If you want to skip the gas station and keep on moving, you want a car that boasts a better Km/L and further range.

Verdict: Aspire wins.


It might not be a big difference to most people, but we always care about which company manufactures the car.

In this case, you have the American-made Ford versus the Japanese-made Honda. We recently did a spread comparing Japanese and American cars, but the verdict was pretty simple: Japanese cars are safer, better engineered, more reliable, cheaper to own, and more fuel-efficient.

When you’re comparing cars in this class, these are some of the most important factors.

Verdict: Amaze wins.

Honda Amaze-2
Honda Amaze

Cost of Maintenance

What happens once you get the car home? You don’t want to overpay for maintenance every time something goes wrong (which is the fate of most BMWs on the road). The good news? Neither of these cars has expensive maintenance.

If you look at the price of different parts, you’ll see that these two cars are very similar.

Verdict: It’s a tie.

Overall Size

Another big factor for many people is how large the vehicle is. You don’t want something too large that it’s impossible to park.

You also don’t want a car that’s so small you have to hunch over just to drive it. In this case, both cars have nearly identical overall dimensions.

If you’re strictly thinking about the overall size, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Verdict: It’s a tie.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the power that each of these cars can generate. This translates to how fast you can go, the acceleration, and how much weight can be towed around.

The Aspire can crank out a torque of 119 Nm and a power of 95 bhp. The Amaze can generate 110 Nm of torque and 89 bhp.

Though the difference might not seem huge, that’s still a power difference of around 7%. It makes sense that the Aspire can generate more power since it’s the more expensive car.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a more powerful car, the Ford Aspire is the way to go.

Verdict: Aspire wins.

Ford Aspire 2020
Ford Aspire

Which Car Is Better?

The answer to this question really depends on what you’re looking for. As you just saw, there are a lot of similarities between a Ford Aspire and a Honda Amaze. In fact, the verdict for a lot of the match-ups was a tie.

The Aspire took the crown when it came to mileage and total power.

The Amaze was better when you look at the manufacturer and total price.

This leads to a simple conclusion: if you’re looking for a less expensive car that’s just as viable, you should go for the Honda Amaze. If you want some extra power and want to go further on a single tank of gas, then the Ford Aspire is right for you.


Now you know which of these cars is right for you. We just did a full comparison of a Ford Aspire and a Honda Amaze. If you want to see some more car match-ups, explore our blog. Also, make sure you pick up the tools and accessories you need to keep your car running.

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