Carmaker Design Choices from Awesome to Terrible

Technological innovation is nothing short of amazing. The ability to connect, tether, link whatever you call it, in seconds is simply incredible. Car manufacturers also try to keep up with the trends. Some of the innovations are great and some, well, end up being a terrible idea. Move vehicles manufactured today (post-2018) can sync your infotainment

Why You Need To Change Your Transmission Fluid

Changing the transmission fluid routinely is one of the most important preventative services you can do for your car. Most people don’t bother and most mechanics won’t even remind you. Not changing the transmission fluid can cost you thousands of dollars later down the line if you’re planning on keeping your car for long. Scroll Down

Cars Are Not an Investment

It would be understandable if you were to think that one of the biggest purchases you as a consumer will make, should be considered an investment. However, in my experience, it’s been quite the opposite. Cars have the potential to drain your wallet more than any other personal possession you may own. Cars are not an

Are German Cars Over-Engineered?

I’ve often wondered why German cars are over-engineered. Why can’t they just do things that work and make it easier for someone to do their own car repairs without the need for special scan tools, repair tools, and always require to re-code replacement parts? Quality Let’s face it, we all want to defend our purchase. I’ve

Choosing The Best Car Scan Tool

With so many diagnostic scan tools on the market, which one is right for you? What are the main functions and drawbacks of various types of car diagnostic scan tools? Choosing the right scan tool can seem like a daunting task especially with so many various units out there. Listed below are a few questions you

The Ultimate Hard Battery Reset Guide

Do you have diagnostic lights on? Are certain vehicle electronics acting weird? Inaccurate readings or communication issues? A hard battery reset might just be the thing you need. A hard battery reset won’t replace a good scan tool to find out where exactly the issue is stemming from, but it’s worth doing when you’re having weird