The End of Gasoline Powered Cars

Intro If you didn’t hear the sad news, we’re approaching the funeral of the gas-powered car. It might not be immediate, but it seems clear that the time is coming. Before getting your black suit out of the closet, let’s take a closer look at what this means and what’s causing it. What’s Causing This End?

AutoTempest: Why It’s So Good

Intro A lot of people consider car shopping “just one of those things”. Too many people simply roll over and allow themselves to get tricked, scammed, and duped while buying a used car. Ever since finding out about AutoTempest, we have changed how we view buying a used car. In this guide, we’ll explain what AutoTempest

10 Cars That Appreciate in Value

Intro Did you ever wonder why Jay Leno’s garage has over $52 million in cars? Certain cars can be highly collectible and coveted. These same cars have a long history of actually appreciating in value. In this piece, we’ll explain everything about this idea and even list 10 cars that appreciate in value. The Depreciation of

20 Cars You Can Buy With 10 Ethereum

Intro Have you heard the one about the guy who turned 10 Ethereum into a new (or used) car? If you haven’t, you came to the right place. We recently did some research and realized that there are 20 dope cars that you can buy for the low price of 10 Ethereum. In this guide, we’ll

EPA Race Car Ban – How It Affects Us

Intro You might have heard the words “EPA” and “ban” in the same sentence a lot the past few weeks. They are looking to implement a massive ban on racecars across America that could affect a ton of people. We did a little digging and we’re here to tell you all about the EPA racecar ban

How to Replace Lost Car Keys

Intro We all have that “pocket checking” routine. Check for your phone, wallet, keys, and gum. What about that heart-dropping feeling when the key pocket is empty? That’s when the immediate panic starts and you freak out. The good news is that a lost key doesn’t mean your car is useless. You can get a replacement