Welcome to Motor Hills

Welcome to Motor Hills


Cat-Back vs Straight Pipe: Which Is Best for You?

If you’re looking into different performance-boosting mods for your car, you might have stumbled across exhaust system swaps. Two of…

How To Get a Car Dyno Tune

A lot of drivers are looking to get the biggest upgrade at the lowest cost. When you start considering performance-changing…

What Technologies Can Make Driving At Night Easier?

The unique challenges of nighttime driving are very different from the ones you encounter during the day. According to research,…

Can You Fix a Catalytic Converter Without Replacing It?

Replacing a catalytic converter is a very expensive problem to have. It’s an essential part of your vehicle, and you…

Are Quick-Release Steering Wheels Legal? Here’s The Truth

If you’re looking into different ways to mod your car, you probably stumbled across a quick-release steering wheel at some…

Why Are Beadlocks Street Illegal?

You have probably heard that beadlocks are available on many of the newer trucks that have been designed for off-road…
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