Welcome to Motor Hills

Welcome to Motor Hills


How to Tell if a Car AC Compressor Is Bad (7 Signs)

Your car’s AC compressor is the driving force behind the cold air that comes out of your vents. As you’ll…

How Long Does It Take a Tire with a Nail to Go Flat?

If you just noticed a nail in your tire and you’re starting to panic, take a deep breath. I’ve been…

Can You Really Buy a Car on Copart?

Copart.com is an online-only auto auction company that sells salvage and clear title cars, trucks, and more. The process might…

15 Reasons Why Luxury Cars Are So Expensive

A lot of people simply accept that you need to dig into your pockets deeper if you want to buy…

Do All Pickup Trucks Have Spare Tires?

Knowing where your spare tire is can help you out of an emergency situation. The only problem is, how are…

Why Are Car Dealerships Always So Close to Each Other?

If you want to go shopping for a car, you might notice that your town has a bunch of dealerships…
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