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Welcome to Motor Hills

Welcome to Motor Hills


Why Do UPS Trucks Have No Doors? 

If you've ever noticed a UPS truck driving down the road, you may have wondered why there are no doors…

Is It Dangerous To Drive With Bad Oil Pressure Sensors?

In any modern car, the oil system is one of the most important aspects of the longevity and reliability of…

How Much Horsepower Can a K24 Handle?

Horsepower is a funny thing. 200 horsepower in a Hummer feels nothing like it does in a Miata. It’s also…

How To Tell If a Vehicle Has Active Fuel Management

An Active Fuel Management system can save you a lot of money on fill-ups. It also comes with a different…

Enkei Vs BBS: The Truth About Both Brands

Buying a new set of wheels can be daunting. If you’re upgrading to aftermarket wheels, then there’s a lot to…

Is The Honda Civic Type R Actually Worth The Hype?

I recently had a few conversations with people about the Honda Civic Type R. They didn’t fully understand the hype…
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