Welcome to Motor Hills

Welcome to Motor Hills


How Much Horsepower Can a K24 Handle?

Horsepower is a funny thing. 200 horsepower in a Hummer feels nothing like it does in a Miata. It’s also…

How To Tell If a Vehicle Has Active Fuel Management

An Active Fuel Management system can save you a lot of money on fill-ups. It also comes with a different…

Enkei Vs BBS: The Truth About Both Brands

Buying a new set of wheels can be daunting. If you’re upgrading to aftermarket wheels, then there’s a lot to…

Is The Honda Civic Type R Actually Worth The Hype?

I recently had a few conversations with people about the Honda Civic Type R. They didn’t fully understand the hype…

7 Of The Best Subaru BRZ Coilovers To Know Of

When people want to boost their handling and lower their ride, they might install coilovers. I know that there’s a…

AutoZone Vs NAPA: Which Is Better for Auto Parts?

If you’re in the market for some OEM or aftermarket car parts, there are a few big players that you…
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