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Top 3 Best Coilovers For Daily Driving WRX To Know Of

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Coilovers are struts with adjustable shocks. These carry many benefits for daily drivers. They improve overall handling and can even have a positive impact on gas mileage. In the article below, you’ll find the top 3 coilovers for daily drivers of the Subaru WRX.

The top 3 coilovers for the Subaru WRX are the Tein Flex Z, the Godspeed MonoRS, and the KSport Kontrol. These are all reasonably priced and can be installed at home.

Continue below to learn more about why coilovers can be beneficial for daily drivers. You’ll also find a detailed discussion of the differences between these products. So don’t be worried if you don’t know what coilovers are or the differences between them and standard shocks. All these questions will be addressed below.

Are Coilovers Good For Daily Drivers? Are They Worth It?

If you want your car to start handling better, then the shocks are one of the best places to start. Especially if you just made a tire change that didn’t do the trick.

Testing performed by Motor Trend has revealed that coilovers offer improvements over stock suspensions, even if the coilover used is not an expensive, top-tier option. These tests were specifically performed on WRX parts and revealed improvements in performance during braking and acceleration.

To learn more about the study, you are encouraged to visit this page.

Advantages Of Coilovers

Coilovers offer improved handling. They are used to lower the ride height of the vehicle. This in turn lowers the center of gravity of your car. Cornering will be easier and the car should handle better.

The primary advantage of coilovers over standard suspensions is this: they allow you to fully customize your suspension system to suit your needs.

Disadvantages of Coilovers

As is the case with any aftermarket installation, the disadvantage of Coilovers is the cost. If you purchase a cheap, subpar coilover then ride quality may be compromised.

Coilovers can also take up more space than a standard suspension. Improper sizing can tangle up wires and cables near the wheel well of the car.


What Are Coilovers?

Coilovers are struts, but with a few key differences. The shock absorber portion is either grooved or threaded to allow the ride height to be adjusted.

This allows for greater customization of the vehicle’s suspension in the following ways:

  • Length of coilover: these are available in different lengths, allowing the ride height to be adjusted.
  • Spring rate: high spring rates mean that the spring is stiffer.
  • Damping rates: with some coilovers, you can manually adjust the damping rate.

If you are still confused about the differences between shocks, struts, and coilovers, then you are encouraged to scroll down to the FAQs section of this article. In the next section, you’ll find guidance on how to select a coilover based on the length of the coilover, its spring rate, and the dampening levels.

What Kind Of Coilovers Should I Get For My WRX?

If you’re looking for daily driving coilovers, then you’ll want to make sure that you can purchase a set that will be comfortable to drive on. Too often, coilovers hold a reputation for making the drive feel stiffer and less comfortable.

There are three different kinds of coilovers:

  • Sleeve coilovers: these are the cheapest option. Sleeves lower the coil or spring. They are cheap because they are placed over existing shocks.
  • Non-Shock Adjustable Coilovers: The next step up, these allow you to modify the ride height. However, you cannot control the rebound, compression, and stiffness settings.
  • Shock Adjustable Coilovers: these are the premier choice. You can adjust the shock for smooth compression and rebound.

What is a Good Spring Rate For A Daily Driver?

 For a daily driver sports car, Motor Trend recommends a maximum of 512 lbs/in in the front and 124-159 at the rear. Others mention that 560 lbs/in is the highest you want to go for a daily driver.

Coilovers with high spring rates are more suitable for the race track than the highway. Race cars need high spring rates to gain grip and reduce body roll. The downside is that this reduces driver comfort.

Here’s a key point to remember:

  • Spring rate is too low: the shocks will bottom out
  • Spring rate is too high: the tire’s contact patch will not be fully utilized during cornering, which means it will be difficult to control the steering on a daily driver.

You can always opt for stiffer springs later on if you purchase a coilover on which the springs can be interchanged.

Adjustability Is Critical: What Does Damping Mean?

High-quality coilovers will give you the ability to adjust ride height, spring preload, and damping levels.

The damping level refers to settings options used to control the compression and rebound of the coilover’s spring.

Coilovers with more damping levels can more easily be tuned to the specific road conditions encountered.

Best Coilovers For The WRX

There are three brands of coilovers that stick out when it comes to daily driving. The Tein and Godspeed coilovers come in a similar price range. The KSport Kontrol is the premier option, coming in at a higher price. But the Kontrol does offer many benefits, as will be discussed below.

Tein VSSB0- C1SS4 Flex Z

Tein VSSB0-C1SS4 Flex Z Coilover Kit for Subaru WRX / STI
Coilover TypeShock Adjustable
Front- Spring Rate8 kg/mm or 448 lbs./in
Rear-Spring Rate7 kg/mm or 392 lbs./in
Current PriceClick Here

The Tein Flex  Z contains several features that you should love if you are a WRX owner. It has a full-length ride adjustment and a damping force adjustment system. It’s all contained within a twin-tube structure.

The twin-tube structure is the design most often used by most OEM manufacturers and offers improved ride quality for daily driving. The alternative is a monotube design. A monotube coilover is more responsive, a must-have feature at the racing track.

The Tein Flex-Z offers a 16-level linear damping force adjustment system. You can manually adjust the damping force from your driver’s seat with the simple addition of the Tein EFDC Active product.


  • Affordability
  • Favorable spring rate for daily driving
  • Twin-tube structure echoes that most commonly used for OEM suspensions. The only option in this list with a twin-tube structure.


  • Only 16-levels of damping adjustment. Significantly less adjustability versus the other two other products listed here.

Godspeed 2015 & Up MonoRS

Godspeed - MRS1990-A - MonoRS Coilover For Subaru WRX - VA1 - 2015+ UP
Coilover TypeShock Adjustable
Front- Spring Rate 10 kg/mm or 560 lbs/in
Rear-Spring Rate8 kg/mm or 448 lbs./in
Current PriceClick Here

32 levels of damper adjustability make the Godspeed an attractive option for daily drivers. It’s worth noting that the spring rate is probably at the upper end of what you will want for a daily driver.

It’s recommended by Motor Trend as one of the best budget-friendly options for the weekend track guy and daily driver. It’s important to consider flexibility. These coilovers can still be comfortable enough for the street, but they’re also worthy of use on the track.


  • 32 levels of damper adjustability make it easy to customize your ride
  • Affordability
  • Monotube shock
  • Ride height can be adjusted easily by twisting the lower mount bracket.
  • Front camber plates with pillow ball to keep the noise down.


  • A relatively high spring rate might cut into comfortability, depending on road conditions.

Ksport Kontrol Pro (2015-2018)

Ksport CSB140-KP Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kit Coilover Spring and Shock Assembly Kontrol Pro Damper System
Coilover TypeShock Adjustable
Front- Spring Rate8.7 kg/mm
Rear-Spring Rate8.7 kg/mm
Current PriceClick Here

36 levels of damper adjustability plus friendly pricing make the Ksport Kontrol Pro a favorite for daily drivers. The pillow ball design of the coilover will keep noise levels down. The spring rates of 487 lbs/in are also encouraging for daily drivers.

These are mono-tube coils. As mentioned earlier, most OEM suspensions feature a twin-tube design. The main advantage here is that mono-tube coils are much more responsive to the changes in the road.

Kontrol offers an 18-month warranty on the coils. So the manufacturer’s guarantee certainly offers some added assurance that the purchase won’t backfire on you.


  • 36 levels of damper adjustability make this coil more customizable than most other options on the market.
  • Spring rate good for daily driving
  • Has mono-tube coils
  • Pillow ball design for keeping noise levels down.
  • Warranty


  • Price may be on the high side for daily drivers. More expensive than the other options listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the questions that customers typically have regarding coilovers. Questions cover the installation and durability of coilovers. Scroll below for a table summarizing the differences between coilovers, struts, and shocks.

Q: Will Any Coilover Fit My Car?

A: Coilovers are not universally-compatible. At least not without some modification. You need to be extra careful when it comes to modifying the coilover to fit your car. Any changes, even minor ones, can compromise the performance of the part.

You’ll also likely void the warranty by not using the product as guided. Rather, you are encouraged to search for coilovers that are factory-designed to fit your make and model.

Any coilover that advertises universal compatibility may be sleeve coilovers. These are simply placed over the existing shocks. They’re the most affordable option, but they don’t deliver near the benefits of the premier adjustable coilovers.

Q: How Difficult Is It To Install Coilovers?

A: If you have the right tools and know-how, then doing a DIY install shouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll only need a jack stand, socket set, ratchet, combo wrench, and panel puller. A mallet will come in handy as well.

  • The first step involves removing the wheel.
  • Then you’ll need to disconnect the ABS line and brake line from the existing suspension.
  • You’ll remove the mounting nuts and bolts on the existing system. This may be the most challenging part.
  • You’ll adjust the damper to a good starting point, but not fully yet. This part should be easy. Often the damper control is a knob on the side of the coilover.

Q: How Long Do Coilovers Last?

A: A high-quality coilover can last as much as 150,000 miles or 5-6 years. The key factors influencing durability are the quality of the materials and the know-how of the installer.

Coilovers are typically made of aluminum and carbon steel. For example, the Godspeed MonoRS is made of a 52mm carbon steel shock body. This is typical among coilovers that are affordable for daily drivers.

However, some of the more expensive options may have stainless steel components. This adds additional protection against corrosion, but may also place the coilover outside of the price range of what most would consider reasonable for a daily driving vehicle.

Close up shot of a Nissan 200SX in Kyiv, Ukraine

Q: What Are The Differences Between A Shock Absorber, a Strut, and a Coilover?

A: Shock absorbers, struts, and coilovers are all critical components of your car’s suspension system. However, there are a few key differences between these:

The shock absorber is a hydraulic pump that uses fluid and or gas to dampen impact and rebound movements during drivinga shock absorber with a coil spring wrapped around itis a strut, however, the shock body is either threaded or grooved so that the ride height of the vehicle can be changed

Q: Do Coilovers Improve Fuel Economy?

A: Within the world of coilovers, you will not typically hear of their impact on fuel economy. The primary concerns are regarding their improvements in the handling of a vehicle. However, coilovers can indeed have a positive impact on the MPG of a vehicle.

  • Coilovers lower the vehicle, improving aerodynamics and traction
  • It can also lower wind drag, just as long as the vehicle is not lowered too much.
  • Some owners notice improved gas mileage.


The 3 best coilovers for daily drivers of the Subaru WRX are the Tein Flex Z, the Godspeed MonoRS, and the KSport Kontrol. These options offer improved handling and safety at a reasonable price.

You can learn more about the differences between these in the sections above. The ease of installation is also addressed above.

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Tein VSSB0-C1SS4 Flex Z Coilover Kit for Subaru WRX / STI

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Ksport CSB140-KP Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kit Coilover Spring and Shock Assembly Kontrol Pro Damper System

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