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Why Do You See So Many Camrys And Civics on The Road?


Did you know that 80% of all Toyotas that were made are still on the road? If you look at specifically the Camry, 90% of all Camrys sold since ’95 are still driving around. It seems like every stoplight you pull up to has at least one Civic in the line.

There are a few good reasons why this is the case. In the next few sections, we’ll go into detail and answer the question once and for all.

Why Do You See So Many Camrys And Civics on The Road?

The following reasons will highlight why you see so many Camrys and Civics on the road. There are some good reasons.


These are two examples of some of the most reliable cars you can find. When you turn the key, the car turns on. When you hit the gas pedal, it goes.

No one can deny how reliable and well-made these cars are. They aren’t high-performance vehicles, but they’ll comfortably get you from point A to point B and all the way back.

You’ll notice that a lot of Camrys and Civics on the road are older models. This is proof of how reliable the car is.


Buying a new or used Camry or Civic will show you how affordable they really are. They don’t depreciate as aggressively as other cars so you can still sell it for some money when you’re done using the car.

For a few thousand dollars you can get a perfectly good used Camry or Civic. Brand new, they’re around $20k to $25k.

Cost to Operate

These cars are really easy to operate. They’re a headache-free solution to finding a daily driver. With that said, the cost to operate either of them is relatively low.

The new models boast EPA-estimated highway fuel efficiency of over 40 MPG. Fewer stops at the gas pump mean an even lower cost to operate.


The maintenance that goes into these cars is the big reason why there are so many on the road. If something goes wrong, it’s a small issue. More importantly, it’s a low-cost issue.

If you’re on top of your preventative maintenance, the odometer will keep ticking without a problem.

Long-Lasting Cars

If you take a Camry and put in a little bit of maintenance here and there, you’ll easily hit 250,000 miles. The combination of parts used, simplicity of the design, and reliability of all of the components make this possible.

This is a rare feat for anyone who doesn’t have a Toyota or Honda.


Getting Replacement Parts

Since they’re among the top-selling commercial vehicles on the road, getting replacement parts is incredibly easy. Any auto shop you walk into probably has a throne dedicated to Camry and Civic parts.

Even their sportier models have parts that are easy to source and purchase.

The spare and replacement parts that you pick up will also be affordable. As your car gets older, you won’t have to worry about finding obsolete parts for a discontinued car.

Ability to Customize

There’s a lot of fun that you can have with a Civic or Camry. Drop in a new engine, throw on low profiles and install a body kit. Since the cars are so inexpensive, you can customize the car without hurting your car budget.

A lot of aftermarket part manufacturers specialize in Camry and Civic parts. You can build the car of your dream by starting with an old Civic.

Low Car Insurance Costs

These cars have another place where they save you money – through your car insurance. The price for insuring a Camry or Civic is reasonable and helps you save more money over time.

Ease of Use

It was mentioned a few times, but these cars are so easy to use. Older models have no bells or whistles which means fewer things to break and get a bill for.

They are simply made which makes them easy to use. If you do the wrench-turning on your Camry, you know how easy it is to repair them, too.


You see so many Camrys and Civics on the road because they’re reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use driving machines. Many people consider them the perfect daily driver for the reasons listed above.

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