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Best Source for Digital Automotive Service and Repair Manuals

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Car manuals are very valuable pieces of information. They let vehicle owners know how to fix certain parts and what alerts mean. However, owners may not always have access to this information. With this in mind, what is the best source for digital automotive service and repair manuals?

eManual-Online is the best source to find automotive service and repair manuals online because:

  • They have manuals for almost every make and model of vehicle you can think of
  • The manuals are comprehensive and low in price
  • They have helpful and friendly customer service

Everyone needs help finding how to fix their car at some point. So, read on to find out more about how eManual Online works and how it can help you find the right manual for your car, as well as the benefits of having access to online manuals.

If you’d like to visit their website and see all the online digital service repair manuals they offer you can click here.

Why is eManual Online the Best Digital Automotive Manual Source?

eManual-Online is a handy website with a database full of repair manuals for cars and other vehicles. The goal is to allow vehicle owners to have access to high-quality manuals for their cars to save them money and time by allowing them to complete repairs on their own. Let’s explore how the site functions and why it is such a great resource.

eManual Online Car Service Repair Manuals

eManual Online car tab

They Have Manuals for Any Car You Can Think Of

You can search their huge catalog of manuals by brand, and then refine even further to find the make and model you own. They have manuals for popular brands like Chevrolet and Toyota, and lesser-known ones like Eagle and Leyland. I even found the manual for my family’s minivan on there.

The Manuals Are Comprehensive and Low in Price

Not only does eManual-Online have manuals for virtually every car, but the manuals also contain all of the vital information you need to know about your car. Each manual contains the following:

  • Car control guide- location and function of controls
  • Maintenance guide- when and what kind of regular maintenance is needed on the vehicle
  • Specifications- the amount of fuel and oil the car can take, information about the radio and light bulbs that come with the car, and more
  • Safety warnings
  • How-Tos to repair any problems you have with the vehicle
  • Vehicle cleaning information
  • The meaning of all of the different warning lights that may come on in your car
  • Warranty information
  • Information on the hazard lights and how to jumpstart your car in an emergency
  • Tips for driving the vehicle in a safe and fuel-conscious way
  • Instructions for setting up the GPS and other technological features

Screenshot of what the online digital service manual looks like:

eManual Online Volvo Truck Service Manual
An example of what the digital service manual looks like

The manuals are also priced reasonably.  The majority of them range from $15-30, with the odd few in the $40-50 range. This is a fair price because you get the complete manual with everything you could need, as well as lifetime access to the manual after your purchase. This way, you never have to buy the manual again or worry about losing access

eManual Online Has Helpful and Friendly Customer Service

On the website, there is a whole section dedicated to issues that customers may have, whether they are having trouble downloading the manual they purchased, or have general questions about how the site works. If you can’t find the answer to your question on the contact page, there is a form you can fill out to reach out to the support team and 24/7 remote customer service.

eManual Online Customer Service

eManual Online Contact Us Customer Service

The eManual Online team wants all customers to have a pleasant and productive experience with them. They are ready to answer any questions you have. There is also a 7-day money-back guarantee on all their electronic owner manuals.

 They do offer refunds as well. However, if you ask for a refund on your subscription to eManual Online, you will lose access to the subscription once the refund is processed

Benefits of Digital Automotive and Service Repair Manuals

The world is becoming more digitized every day, and the automotive industry is no exception. While they may seem tedious and unnecessary at first, digital car owner’s manuals have a variety of benefits:

  • Access to vital vehicle information at your fingertips on a mobile device, any time and anywhere
  • You can download them so that you can access them without an internet connection
  • They are less expensive than hard copy vehicle manuals
  • They can be updated regularly (print versions take much longer to update with new information)
  • They allow you to save time and money by allowing you to learn to do your vehicle repairs
  • Digital manuals can be integrated into the car’s digital interface or infotainment system for easy access as well
  • You cannot lose your digital manual unless the device it is stored on no longer works
  • Digital manuals save paper and are better for the environment
  • Digital manuals save space in your car’s glove compartment and give you more storage in your car
  • Digital manuals are easier to navigate than paper ones- hyperlinks make it easy to go right to the page you need
  • They allow you to access detailed diagrams of your vehicle, necessary for repairs, from anywhere
  • You never have to worry about the manual you need being out of stock at the auto parts store
  • Digital manuals like the ones from eManual Online are written in an easy to follow format  

Screenshot of the eManual Online ‘My Order’ dashboard

eManual Online Order Dashboard
eManual Online Order Dashboard

While paper car manuals are great and can be necessary in some cases, digital car manuals are the new frontier. The ease of access is unbeatable, and most people prefer to search the web when they have car problems nowadays. The digital car manual movement is capitalizing on consumers’ preference for immediate online access.


eManual Online is the best source for digital automotive and service repair manuals because they have virtually every owner’s manual, the manuals have everything you need to know about your vehicle for a low price, and the customer service on the website is top-notch. Digital manuals have many benefits including ease of access, lower price, and user-friendliness.

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