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11 Ways to Save Money on Gas


It feels like we’re constantly going to the gas pump. Prices are okay now, but once they hike back up, it’s a lot of money wasted. There are some simple tricks that you can implement to save money on gas. Take a look.

11 Ways to Save Money on Gas

These methods all have a single goal – to save you money. By using these tips and tricks you’ll waste less gas which means spending less money at the pump each month. Keep in mind, these tips might not work for everybody.

#1: Time When you Fill Up

Did you know that different times of day have different gas prices? On average, the lowest prices can be found first thing in the morning and late at night.

It has to do with the demand for gas. During the day, everyone is looking to fill up their tank. This means that gas companies can charge way more. It’s sort of like scheduling a red-eye flight to save money on tickets.

#2: Don’t Warm Your Car Up

When you warm up your car, precious gas is being burned for no reason. Sure, it’s uncomfortable to start driving in a cold car, but it’s not the end of the world.

You only need to idle for around a minute to get your oil circulating. Beyond that, it’s just a matter of creature comfort.

#3: Drive Less

This might seem like a no-brainer. The less you drive, the less gas you waste. This means riding a bike or taking a walk to your destination. Again, this method won’t work for some people, but everyone should consider whether or not they truly need to drive to their destination.

#4: Coast More Often

In life, people typically tell you not to coast. Here, we’re big fans. Coasting is when you don’t apply brakes or gas in your car. You let the car’s momentum carry you forward and you’ll slowly decelerate.

When you’re coasting in your car, no gas is being burned. The less often you use your brakes and gas, the better. This is especially useful if your route has a lot of stop signs or stops.

#5: Don’t Slam the Brakes

When you slam on your brakes, you’re destroying all the acceleration that you just went through. In other words, you’re wasting gas.

In an emergency, it’s perfectly okay to slam your brakes. However, there’s no reason to slam your brakes when you can predict that a stop or slow-down is coming up. Be measured and controlled when it comes to braking.

If you hit the brakes too hard, it means that you wasted gas up until that point and you’re going to waste more gas getting up to speed gain.

Refer back to tip #4 when it comes to braking.


#6: Keep Your Windows Up

Without getting too sciencey, having your windows down wastes gas. Your car has more drag which means that air is slowing your car down more. This also means that you’re using more gas.

If your windows are up, you will have the best level of wind resistance for driving.

#7: Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Inspecting your tires should be a daily routine. Making sure they have enough tread and pressure isn’t just a matter of safety and performance, it will also help with your fuel efficiency. Under- or over-inflated tires will waste a lot of gas.

At the same time, a lack of tread will cause your car to overwork as you’re driving. Yet again, a waste of gas.

#8: Use the Right Oil

Another thing that helps your fuel efficiency? Using the right kind of oil. High-performance oil will help your car perform better and waste less gas.

If you want a longer-term solution, there’s nothing like the cost savings associated with good motor oil.

#9: Use Cruise Control

If you want to limit using your gas or brake pedals too much, then use cruise control. This is the best method for people who are going on long trips on a highway.

If you didn’t know, cruise control keeps your speed constant and automatically applies the gas to keep your car moving. This takes out the potential for human error and it results in one of the best ways to conserve gas during your trip.


#10: Use a Gas App

One way to save money on gas is to spend less at the pump. To do this, you can either plan a gas heist or you can use a convenient gas app.

There are a number of apps that help you find the least expensive places to fill up in your area. Some apps are GasBuddy,, AroundMe, Fuel Finder, and Gas Buddy. The savings will quickly add up as you stick to these apps.

#11: Mind Your Acceleration

Accelerating aggressively will burn a lot of gas for no reason. Unless Dale Earnhardt is in the car next to you, there’s no reason to gun it. Apply constant pressure to your gas pedal and you’ll slowly accelerate. During this time, you’ll be saving a lot on gas.


These 11 tips and tricks will help you save money on gas in the long run. I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have any questions or thoughts leave them in the comments below.

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